Six Reasons why you should be using Motion Graphics in your Content Marketing

With all the expense of creating professional looking brand film nowadays very affordable to even probably the smallest of companies as well as an unquestionable power to supply substantial ROI, video appears set remaining among the fastest growing electronic advertising channels out there.

But let us things that are slow down for a minute. It can easily be very easy to get taken out when provided with big watch figures, nonetheless, you will find a huge number of additional companies available also pursuing video strategies.

Thus, how do you stick out from the crowd?

Effectively, I have got 2 words for you – motion graphics. Encompassing everything from 3D to stop motion animation, motion graphics are a varied and extremely good type of video advertising which may assist with your video content actually stick out from the group.

The benefits of Motion Graphics from over Live Video

I wish to enjoy several of the reasons why animation stands out as such an engaging and powerful medium, when than far more traditional’ live’ filming. Below are 6 advantages that are difficult to argue with.

  1. Boosts Brand Recall

The visually engaging and stylised nature of motion graphics is inherently engaging, and that helps make it much easier for the audience of yours to remember the brand of yours and the sales message of yours. The market of yours may not turn in that moment, but in case you are able to utilise animation to leave plenty of an impression, they’ll probably grow back for a lot more. Recently available stats show that in case the audience of yours enjoys the video adverts of yours, brand association is going to be boosted by almost as 139 % and also purchasing intent by over ninety five %.

  1. Emotionally Engaging

Have you discovered yourself trying to not bawl the eyes of yours out at a Pixar movie? What about when Andy gives the toys of his away in Toy Story three. Or perhaps when Sully says farewell to Boo in Monsters Inc? How about the opening montage scene in Up? We are not crying, you are crying. Great, we are all crying. In a nutshell, then, animation has got the energy to go and also tug at the heartstrings of ours just almost as any live action movie.

  1. Increased Control over Style

Motion graphics provide you with an enormous amount of control with the design of the film of yours in ways that live action videos just cannot touch. This lets you regulate the manner the story of yours and messaging will come across in a much more efficient means. Whether through clever transitions or perhaps brash and bright colour pallets, you are able to actually make use of motion graphics to stamp the brand image of yours and style into individuals consciousness.

  1. Grab Attention

The busy nature of the electronic landscape has led to the remarkable reduction of the attention spans of ours. When a long form article simply is not likely to work, you have to utilise the advantages of a snappier, attention grabbing medium. What is more often, a handful of frames of animated video could easily speak the equivalent of a whole section of text with the deft use of imagery, narration and on screen text.

  1. Responsive, Multi Device Content

Consumer content consumption behaviour is changing. We are all shifting the focus of ours from laptop computers and desktops to the usefulness and usability of smartphones and tablets. In fact around ninety % of us view video content on the mobile devices of ours. Among the advantages of making animated video is the fact that it could be played on any device, that generates all kinds of possibilities that you can achieve your market anywhere they’re and anytime of day.

  1. Imagination will be your sole Limit

Motion graphics provide total creative control over the brand film of yours in each and every sense. Without having the importance to be worried about the restrictions of cast, sets or perhaps perhaps the laws of physics, the options of the thing you are able to do in an animated film are virtually endless. Thus while conventional filmmaking will constantly be constrained by budget with regards to dealing with lots of extras, or maybe filming in dangerous or exotic locations, animators are able to create all of this from the comfort of the computer of theirs.

You need to stick out for the right reasons therefore it is really critical you do not get caught in the trap of making generic content which might have been created by countless other brands. This is true, while of animation so ensure you make an effort to develop your own personal style which resonates with your narrative, vision, and values. Getting it right with motion graphics means making sure that the video content of yours represents the brand name of yours and it is instantly recognisable as yours.

Develop an excellent feel and look with the animated brand movies of yours, filled with gorgeous vistas, interesting environments and captivating characters, and also you are able to carry it to life again and again, assisting you to build a far-reaching and lasting brand identity.