What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

As of July 2020, landlords have to offer an electric Installation Condition Report, that we’ll handily relate to as being an EICR for the majority of the article. For the majority of renters, an EICR is not something they’ll probably be knowledgeable about.

In reality, there was not a heap of information since it became a part of rental legislation here in the UK. Though it is crucial that renters understand what an EICR is, the way it impacts them and the role the landlord plays in ensuring the rental house of yours has it.

We have put the guide together, detailing all you have to learn about an EICR as being a renter. From what it requires to the way you are able to check out whether the property of yours has an, this is the opportunity of yours being the lowdown on all things EICR.

What’s an electric Installation Condition Report?

An EICR is a statement which says the circumstances of the electrical system in the rented house of yours. While it is not hard to see obvious structural damage, items like electrical cables are tougher to pinpoint – while they can have suffered from damage through the years.

Old and faulty wiring is among the main causes of fires around the house, as well as an EICR checks that things are in great performing order. The report records the outcomes of the assessment, finds damage (if any), finds parts of wiring that could not match laws, and also whatever may result in an electrical shock.
Is an electric Installation Condition Report required?

Pre-July 2020, an EICR was not necessary for a landlord to lease out a house. Nevertheless, as of July 1st 2020, accounts should be performed in the private rental sector. Whether it is a brand new tenancy or even a current one, a rental house will require an EICR.

Most landlords have until April 2021 to comply with the brand new laws, giving them sufficient time to organize an exam in case they have not done so already. EICRs join EPCs and gas safety as mandatory security checks required in a rental home.
Who performs an electric Installation Condition Report?

An EICR must be performed by a professional individual who is going to undertake all of the required checks. A “qualified person” is an electrician with recognised apprenticeships or maybe Level three Certificates in Level three Certificate Installing and Testing and also Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings.

The rating out of the report has to be no less than “satisfactory” and renewed every 5 years unless the electrician says it requires doing sooner. Landlords cannot perform the check themselves unless they’re a professional electrician.
How can I know whether an EICR has been performed?

Just before you go to the brand new home of yours, the landlord is necessary to make a copy of all of the required certificates, like an EPC, gas security certificate and also EICR report. When you do not receive any of the documentation, you need to get in contact with the landlord of yours or even controlling agent and ask for a copy.

You’ve a right to ask for 1 in writing, at that level the landlord has twenty eight days to make a copy of the article. If absolutely no EICR happens to be performed, the landlord really needs to inform you and also should have one available by April 2021.
It is electric

Electric installation condition reports are the most recent in a series of legislation created making staying in accommodation is actually less dangerous, that is excellent for holidayers. Along with providing an EPC, gas security check plus making sure smoke and carbon monoxide sensors will be in working order, a hotel EICR provides additional security within the hotel. That means you are able to relax in the rental pad of yours knowing the crucial components are as they ought to be.