What is CIPD membership?

Qualification levels

You will find two main membership types and within these you will find various grades: Chartered Membership and professional Membership.
Expert membership

Pro membership provides you with recognition of the achievements of yours along with a grade of membership which reflects your qualifications and experience. There are 3 grades of expert membership:

Chartered Member (Chartered MCIPD)
Chartered Fellow (Chartered FCIPD)
Chartered Companion (Chartered CCIPD) – by invitation only

CIPD Qualified

Chartered membership – accessible to people who have met the Professional Standards of ours at practitioner degree, have no less than three years’ related managerial level experience, and who demonstrate continuing professional development with a selection of activities.

Graduate program – accessible to people who have met the standards of ours at practitioner level but who aren’t yet experienced sufficient for Chartered membership. You are able to use to buy Chartered membership when you’ve accomplished the necessary level of experience.

CIPD Part Qualified

Licentiate membership – Available to people who have met the standards of ours at practitioner level in part. It indicates conclusion with a minimum of 1 total area of the criteria (but not Applied Personnel plus Development) through national examinations.

Associate membership – accessible to people who effectively complete one of the support level qualifications. These qualifications, including several CIPD Certificates and even some NVQ/SVQs at Level three, are created for individuals in support or management roles in development and personnel.
No Qualification Status

Student membership – in case you’re learning for any CIPD qualification, or even when you’re undergoing evaluation through the PAC course to club membership, you’ll be able to gain from a subsidised yearly subscription rate for as much as five years. Pupil membership can be obtained for Affiliate, Licentiate grades and Associate.

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Access to member services just These levels enable you complete access to member benefits and products minus the want to demonstrate accomplishment through experience and qualifications. They don’t give some professional recognition.

Affiliate marketing membership

Any person with a concern in folks management and development is able to join us as being an Affiliate member. This provides you with instant access to the member benefits of ours and services. Nevertheless, Affiliate program isn’t a pro quality of membership and has no designatory letters.