How To Sparkle With Natural Glitter

As a parent I’ve seen my reasonable share of glitter. I’m no stranger to opening an innocent-enough looking folded drawing from preschool – just to understand a 2nd too late that it’s in fact a glitter-bomb in camouflage!

While this well-liked craft supply can include joyful sparkle as well as shine, as we discover more concerning microplastics and also their influence on the atmosphere we’re additionally learning exactly how those tiny, glossy bits of plastic shine are sticking around long after the craft is failed to remember. Choosing eco, biodegradable and all-natural bulk glitter wholesale alternatives is the remedy.

Many commercial radiance is constructed from teeny, tiny sliced up items of layered plastic. While this means it stays glossy for a very long time, stays with almost anything and is extremely affordable to produce, it unfortunately also implies that when it enters our atmosphere (which all radiance ultimately does either down the tubes or when it obtains thrown right into landfill) it imitates any other microplastic and also triggers some huge problems.

In our rivers, microplastics function as a sponge for unsafe chemicals like PCB’s and are quickly ingested by fish and various other sea animals that error them for food– which suggests they wind up in human beings also if the fish are captured and also eaten. Keeping radiance ashore isn’t far better either; the small plastic flakes are not likely to break down in landfill for hundreds of years, as well as products covered in radiance like paintings or cards can’t be recycled.

Some researchers as well as conservationists are so concerned that there have been contact us to ban plastic radiance together with the ban on plastic microbeads utilized in many aesthetic items.

Just because standard radiance has some short-comings, does not suggest we need to provide it up. Below are 3 means you can sparkle with biodegradable, natural radiance and also still indulge your youngsters (and also your) smart, imaginative side:


While it’s challenging to replicate the metal glimmer of plastic radiance, an enjoyable as well as easy homemade job is to make natural and also naturally degradable glitter with salt. Thoroughly blend a small amount of salt (table or rock salt both job – the finer the salt, the finer the completed product) with a couple of declines of food colouring of your option and completely dry it out for 10-15 mins in a reduced stove. Done! All-natural radiance developed. You can make a range of colours as well as structures for your kid to try out, and also it’s much easier to tidy up!

Another popular homemade replacement is to invest in some attractive opening punchers as well as set your children to function making all-natural ‘shine’ confetti out of fallen leaves and dried flower. This has actually the included benefit of obtaining the children outside to pick their all-natural materials, and the fun of letting them opening strike to their hearts content! And also, you know all the scraps can go straight back in the garden or compost bin. You can also attempt spraying the gorgeous fine blooms of a red bottlebrush or pink lilly pilly blossom straight onto your craft as a natural ‘radiance’.


Community Early Understanding Australia (CELA) has a fantastic, easy overview to radiance choices. An intriguing factor they make is that using shine is decorative instead of innovative. To put it simply, anybody can put some adhesive theoretically and spray on glitter– but suppose we encouraged our children (and ourselves) to try and be a bit much more imaginative? Where a task or craft require decoration like radiance, could you utilize different coloured or patterned paper rather? Water colours? Stencilling with metallic pencils? Offer your creativity a little space to assume outside the glittery box as well as who knows what you’ll think of?


Eco shine! If you really can’t do without it (and tbh, in some cases we all require a little sparkle) there are a growing number of brands online providing green, natural glitter that’s biodegradable. Many are made from all-natural Eucalyptus cellulose and also are conveniently compostable even in the waste or water stream. A quick Google search will certainly bring up a series of wonderful Aussie brand names bringing all-natural radiance to life.

So why not go ahead and also attempt something various that will certainly help our setting shimmer in the very best feasible way– plastic complimentary!