Pizza oven buying guide

Whether used inside or in the yard, pizza stoves allow you to prepare delicious pizzas or perhaps cook bread, cakes as well as other foodstuffs. Offered in a series of styles and sizes, pizza stoves may be timber- or gas-fired and can include wheels or a BBQ feature. Follow our guide to locate the best pizza oven for your requirements!

Secret criteria to think about when selecting a pizza oven

Whether you’re a passionate amateur or a professional cook, a wood-fired pizza stove is the ultimate pizza stove if you’re seeking that unique taste. On the other hand, making the perfect pizza in a wood-fired stove indicates learning to manage the flames flawlessly in all times.

Cleaning a wood-fired pizza oven is also extra demanding. If these restraints put you off, then pick a gas-fired pizza stove. Gas-fired models are simpler to light as well as control, and in terms of cooking efficiency they can almost equal their wood-fired equivalents.

There are likewise electrical pizza ovens, which are typically made for interior use.

If you do not have much room, you can likewise choose a multi-purpose stove which incorporates greater than one feature (for instance, a pizza stove as well as a bbq or a pizza stove as well as a smoker).

An additional point to think about when selecting a pizza stove is its heating capacity. A pizza needs to prepare in just 2 to 5 minutes in a stove heated up to 350-400 ° C, which isn’t feasible in many conventional ovens
It is likewise important to consider the insulation of the baking chamber of the pizza oven, because this identifies how well the heat is dispersed throughout the chamber and also therefore exactly how equally the pizza chefs. The insulation likewise minimizes the temperature level of the outside wall surfaces to make sure that the stove produces much less warmth. This is a specifically crucial consideration if you intend to utilize your pizza stove inside.

Wood-fired or gas-fired?

Both traditional wood-fired pizza ovens and also gas-fired designs have their benefits as well as negative aspects.
Wood-fired pizza ovens.

Thanks to the extreme, exceptionally dry warm of the fires, wood-fired pizza stoves caramelise the sugars in the dough, leading to an unmatched taste and a much shorter cooking time. Some designs can even prepare several pizzas simultaneously.

However, to obtain perfectly baked pizzas you will require to pay extremely close attention to the temperature level and draw, which are readjusted by opening and also shutting the door. When the door is closed, the fires are weaker, and also the pizza chefs by transmission as well as convection. When the door is open, the fires are a lot more intense, which gives the pizza its golden-brown, crunchy structure.
For the very best results, you ought to light the fire around half an hour before you begin food preparation. In regards to upkeep, you will need to on a regular basis remove the ashes and brush out the pizza stove
Gas-fired pizza oven.

Gas-fired pizza stoves can be supplied either by a gas container (butane/propane) or the mains. Unlike wood-fired pizza ovens, gas-fired pizza ovens do not require any type of preheating and also are lit merely by pressing a switch. The temperature increases really promptly.
It can also be adjusted precisely to within a degree.

However, with lower top quality designs you may discover a minor smell of gas.

Considering that there are no ashes, cleaning up a gas-fired pizza stove is very easy– just brush out the baking chamber.