What is a Cuckoo Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker?

The Cuckoo Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP HZ0682FR, a game changing rice cooker from Korea, has twelve programmes which focus on an entire spectrum of elmer rice cooking (including the Korean classic, scorched rice!) in addition to fermenting and baking bread. There is likewise a catch all Multi cook function for steaming and also braising.

2 major technologies make these possible: induction heating & pressure cooking. Its induction technology heats up the entire internal pot – rather than only the bottom level – for more perhaps cooking, and its pressure cooking function makes fast work of tenderising tough cuts of red meat, saving electricity.

We try the rice cooker out, to find out if it is worth its promises.

Many rice cookers offer functions for brown rice and cooking sushi, though they do not usually work – the grains come out clumpy or mushy, or maybe brown rice remains gritty. In this Cuckoo Rice Cooker Reviews, our reservations were unwarranted. We got glistening, pearly grains of sushi rice and also have just tender brown rice. Jasmine rice plus basmati rice had been equally as perfectly executed.
What genuinely impressed: It made fast work of beef stew, rendering 1kg of rough shank into supple meat, and also coaxing flavours into a full bodied stew in 2 hours. This is really a convincing illustration of the advantages of pressure cooking, without the paranoia over exploding vessels, because of the many security features.


In spite of its puny size, the device packs in a 1 litre capability – that is as many as 4 cups of sushi rice and ten glasses of glutinous rice.
The voice guide – in English, Cantonese or maybe Mandarin – got on the nerves of mine though I had taken proper care of that by muting it. The electronic screen is usually simple to get through, though I discovered it tedious to cycle through the large list of programmes.
What I discovered missing was that the names on the cooking programmes were not that distinct, so the instruction manual did very little to ease the confusion. I struggled to discover which performance can be used for regular white rice, and consequently discovered through the distributor which I ought to be going with the Glutinous Rice mode for basmati and jasmine rice, the Gaba mode for brown and multigrain rice, plus the Mixed Rice mode to prepare rice with veggies and various meats.
The internal container is easy to clean, and also the drainage dish (which catches condensation whenever the lid is opened) is simple to eliminate and clean. The car Clean functionality is excellent for clearing the steam vents of braising liquid or elmer rice water.


Making good sense of the programmes could be a little difficult, but the moment you’ve that dealt with, this particular rice cooker is worth the purchase.