Why It’s Still Important to Send Greeting Cards

Do you send out Funny Greeting Cards for birthday celebrations, special occasions or just to catch up with friends and family? Here’s why it’s still important to send greeting cards!

In spite of today noting National Send a Card to a Pal Day, it’s ended up being less complicated for us as a nation currently more than ever to depend on electronic innovation in order to perform everyday communication.

While we may talk to our coworkers face to face in the office or speak to participants of our family once we have actually shown up back at home, we still have a reliance on texting and messaging when it concerns staying on par with several of our good friends as well as more distant loved ones.

However just as great as technology has actually ended up being, there is still a fantastic demand for us to offer a more personable strategy as well as maintain the tradition of sending out physical welcoming cards to our friends and enjoyed ones alive.

Here are a couple of factors as to why it’s still vital to send out welcoming cards.
Reasons Why It’s Still Vital to Send Out Introduction Cards
Factor 1– Composing Cards Can Enhance Your Brain Power

Here is an often-lesser thought of advantage of drawing up and also sending welcoming cards– it can assist to improve your memory as well as brain power.

A number of research studies have actually been held and highlight the advantages of on a regular basis writing out words and also sentences compared to inputting them, such as one included in the Lifehacker write-up ‘Why You Find out more Successfully by Writing Than by Keying in’.

In their function, they discuss additionally on how creating turns on the Knotty Turning on System (RAS).

” The RAS serves as a filter for everything your mind requires to process, giving more relevance to right stuff that you’re actively focusing on right now– something that the physical act of writing offers the leading edge.”

Contributing to this additionally, the writer of ‘Compose It Down, Make It Happen’, Henriette Anne Klauser, details exactly how the RAS is the vital to improving memory, citing:

” Creating activates the RAS, which consequently sends a signal to the cortex: ‘Awaken! Take note! Do not miss this information!’

Once you jot down an objective, your mind will be working overtime to see you get it, and also will alert you to the signs and also signals that existed all along.”
Reason 2– It Keeps With Practice

If you consider several of one of the most essential events that happen every year or throughout your lifetime, the number of times will you have sent a card (with or without a gift) to commemorate that event?

The 2nd reason as to why it’s still essential to send greeting cards is that it keeps in with a custom that has been around for centuries.

Sending out greeting cards can be traced back as very early as Old Egypt times, where pharaohs communicated most of their great thoughts, wishes and sentiments onto papyrus scrolls as well as would pass them on their intended recipient.

It was additionally known that great want the New Year were listed by lots of ancient Chinese emperors within their courts, as it was thought that this would certainly aid to keep the legendary monster ‘Nien’ at bay.

This was complied with by the use cards standing for affection during the Middle Ages, as the abundant and far better off within Europe would present their prospective true loves with Valentines cards or cards to ask them for their hand in marriage.

Certainly, it wouldn’t be up until 1840 nevertheless, as to when the act of mailing welcoming cards to others actually got energy.

The intro of shipping stamps implied that unexpectedly, welcoming cards could be made affordable to all and also would be the recommended means of celebrating crucial occasions such as birthday celebrations as well as desiring others well at Xmas time.


Well, an increasing number of business owners as well as companies picked up on the popularity of greeting cards and also the act of sending one to express our love, ideas as well as ideal desires soon became one of the primary customs which is still existing in the world today.
Factor 3– Greeting Cards Program We Care

When we see our family or friends in person, the easiest way to show we appreciate them which we enjoy them is either to tell them or hug/kiss them.

However what concerning when we are away from them or they are unexpectedly away from us?

While the temptation could depend on sending them an e-mail, a message or an immediate message on many of the social media networks out there, it’s challenging for us to truly communicate our feelings in that minute to them.

Certain, we can message our buddies to want them a “Pleased Birthday!” on an email, however don’t you really feel that a Birthday Card including a personal style or message will show them you mean it a lot more?

And for brand-new pairs or for those celebrating a wedding anniversary, a sms message congratulating them on their new or on a landmark year in their marriage is perfectly great, yet wouldn’t a card having a number of images that you’ve extracted from their special day or at a certain time in their life, connected with a special custom-made message really drive it home better?

It’s fantastic that modern technology has progressed to the point that we can remain in touch with enjoyed ones and treasured friends regardless of where we are in the world.

Yet to show we are actually considering someone near us, the act of picking out an unique card to highlight events as well as occasions or even crafting one ourselves, to then put it into an envelope with an attached stamp, is surely the very best means to demonstrate how much we absolutely care.