11+ Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Overall 11 Plus Queries
Anywhere could I learn about the 11 Plus exams?

It can be tough to discover any detailed info about the 11 Plus exam system. With no published many schools and curriculum preferring never to post the information of the exams of theirs, the 11 Plus comes with an air of mystery about it. Various Local Authorities and also senior schools set various mixtures of tests, which makes it difficult to pick 11 Plus assets to meet up with everyone’s needs.

For many Local Authorities, the 11 Plus can be obtained to all Year six kids and had in class. In any other areas of the nation, the 11 Plus is organised and also hosted by the senior school and grabbed after school or perhaps during a few days.

The 11 Plus is a better way of examining kids from an academic perspective and does not have any bearing on their GCSEs or perhaps SATs.

Just how can my child’s scores because of the 11 Plus be enhanced?

Specific guidance and advice on improving 11 plus scores are now found in:

the preliminary paperwork plus the’ Next Steps Planner’ in every Bond 11+ Assessment Papers title
the basic sections and also parent tips located throughout every one of the 4 How you can Do 11+… tutorial guides’ The strategies of 11+ success’ booklet of each package of 11+ Test Papers. When looking for 11 plus help in Berkshire contact 11plussuccess.co.uk

Exactly how fierce is competition for the 11+?

There are usually more pupils requesting grammar schools than you will find places offered, often as much as ten pupils for each one location therefore competition is fierce. Whenever a college has an admissions policy according to the 11+ results only, individuals with the top outcomes join the places.
Why is it very difficult to find out info about the 11+?

Since the 1970s there continues to be a political move far from selective school processes to mention school extensive systems. Because of this, fewer schools along with Local Authorities (LAs) have the 11+ selection system. Lots of institutions within 11+ LAs are unwilling to get ready for the 11+ and sometimes they’d want to make the minimum quantity of info to parents.
Could past papers be purchased for practice?

The LAs, who commission an examination board to create the 11+ paper, don’t generally make exam papers out there. Overall example papers authored by those exam boards (e.g. GL Assessment), is bought from online and bookshops. Familiarisation tests are readily available on some LA and school websites to present a concept of exactly what the test is like. Schools that put the own papers of theirs will frequently distribute duplicates of previous newspapers, as will schools which remain the Common Entrance Exam.

If the kid of mine fails the 11+ do they really retake it?

No. Sorry, but it’s the person and only opportunity, though several facilities will understand the 12+ exam. This’s akin to the 11+ but is shot a year later on. It’s perfect for pupils that are in the Middle School system or maybe pupils that want to go into the picky secondary school beyond Year seven, but who haven’t sat the 11+ exam. Of course people residing in a LA which doesn’t make use of the 11+ is going to have the chance of resting an 11+ style entrance exam for as several facilities as you’re applying for.
Will my kid have to sit an interview along with finishing the 11+ exam?

For private schools and many grammar there aren’t any interviews. Parents are notified once the results are through, in case the child of theirs has an area. You will find schools which invite simply the kid together for an interview and schools where both the parent/s and also the child are interviewed. If the kid of yours is invited for an interview, they’ll usually be requested to bring along schoolbooks and quite often awards or certificates from’ out of school’ activities. This must be selective and so do incorporate your child’s latest music, dance, sporting award or maybe newspaper cuttings of events your kid has taken part in, but do not take along each piece of art work your kid has produced, or maybe certificates more mature than a few of years. Consult the school’s site to confirm whether the kid of yours is going to need to sit down an interview.
How should my kid get ready for an interview?

Make certain the kid of yours is positive about the activities they’ve performed and also explain exactly how these may help them in secondary school. For instance,’ Playing in the main school football team helps me being focused and also to work with other people,’ or’ Playing the flute in the orchestra helps me to be confident’. The interviewer is seeking pupils who’ll best fit the school environment. Browse the school prospectus to find out what they value. Can they mention sports schemes, drama groups, music activities, debating societies, travel opportunities, reading schemes or maybe church events? What has your kid accomplished that links with this and shows a transferable skill?
Could my kid sit the 11+ for individual and grammar schools?

Yes. The kid of yours is able to remain the 11+ exam in the primary school of theirs in case you’re in an 11+ LA then the 11+ in facilities that are private. If your child’s primary school isn’t in an 11+ LA you can remain many 11+ exams in selective schools.
Can it be easy to pass the 11+ without having a private tutor?

Yes. A number of pupils are going to pass the 11+ without actually having shot any 11+ tuition or even having seen practice papers. Other pupils are going to work through a few of practice papers, many will likely have private tutors. As with many issues, in case you’re prepared for a product you are able to typically deal much better with it. It’s crucial to keep in mind that every kid differs and what could suit one kid will not suit another. Whatever system you decide on, do not hesitate to change if it is not working efficiently for the child of yours.