Pros and cons of letting your little one watch TV

As parents of an expanding kid, at lots of times you will have to weigh up the excellent and also the bad impacts of particular conditions for the child of yours. One situation that is such will probably arise when the child of yours begins to watch television (Other devices or maybe tv) involving screen time.

In this post, Starting Blocks provides info that will help you decide on screen time, plus some suggestions you might want to consider for better looking at.


Watching educational Kids TV Shows could be both entertaining and teach kids about things like numbers and letters (think of timeless classics like Sesame Street and Play School).
Shows about organic environments and wildlife could be a terrific source of understanding for the kid. Even in case they do not realize what is happening, they could be intrigued by seeing the wildlife and yes it might cause them to become more conscious of the earth around them.
Some shows teach kids about people that are numerous, places, and cultures. They offer kids exposure to various other areas of the world we are now living in, and things which they may not normally come across.
Television could be a great way to introduce the child of yours to sports, whether it is soccer or cricket or table tennis. This may be a good subject for conversation with pre schoolers. You are able to inform them about fascinating information associated with various sports or maybe sportspeople and they’ve the chance to find out about the guidelines of the game, that may shift to the own play of theirs.
Feel-good shows can provide a chance for the kid of yours to de-stress. Although you might think that kids do not stress, they are able to really feel nervous when separated from parents for kid care, or maybe whenever they lose somebody close (a pet or maybe a grandparent), or sometimes they see huge changes at home (e.g. moving house etc.).
TV, along with other products are affordable sources of entertainment. The colourful images and also the sounds are able to appeal to kids and engage them.


Some research suggests that watching shows does not have educational benefits for kids under twenty four months of age. Watching television might divert them from activities which help brain development.
Watching screens are able to be addicting, and parents will struggle to entice kids to play in different ways.
Watching screens for extended time periods is able to result in difficulties dropping off to sleep, disturbed other health and sleep patterns issues.
Attention has to be taken with age appropriate content in tv shows, video games & advertising your kid can see inappropriate content that’s of a sexual or violent nature.
Kids might adore, talk about and imitate characters from games or shows, without all behaviours might be great influences on the kid of yours.
Several experts think that extended hours of viewing screens interferes with a kid’s speech development.
As watching screens is likely to not involve any physical exercise, several professionals believe that extended hours of screen time is able to result in childhood obesity.
Marketing is able to have a big influence on kids, and might start pestering you and some for things they see advertised on tv. For example the newest toy or perhaps sugary food.
Watching screens for extended time periods might have a damaging outcome on your kid’s eye development.
If a kid likes watching a screen than socialising or maybe playing with colleagues or friends, it might influence the social development of theirs.

Advice for parents:

Make an effort to delay introducing television along with other screens to the kid of yours. It’s recommended that kids under 24 months shouldn’t be subjected to any screen time.
Don’t utilize a display as a supply of’ babysitting’ or perhaps distraction for the kid of yours.
Monitor the kid of yours when they’re viewing or maybe utilizing other products or television, to guarantee age appropriate content has been looked at and played.
Watch tv shows and view games before the kid of yours does to ensure the written content is ideal.
Make use of a parental control application to block access to games or programs that you believe might be unsuitable for the kid of yours.
Limit other screen time and television to under one hour one day.
Read to the kid of yours or even encourage them to read before bedtime, rather than letting them view a display screen or even tv. Placing them right into a bed time regime will help them to go for the evening and also prepare them for sleep.
Watch television with the kid of yours and engage them in discussion during breaks. This can assist you develop a relationship with them, and improve the conversation abilities of theirs.
Do not let television viewing change your child’s backyard play and various other activities.
Use television to teach the kid of yours about marketing as an entertaining feature which does not constantly present info that is real .
Become a role model as the kid of yours learns from whatever they see. Switching off the cell phone of yours during meal-times and ensuring you do not watch television or use different devices for hours that are long, models good screen time habits.