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Stewarding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

These FAQs on the way the festival operates are made to help answer some questions you may have
and provide you with the info you need which means you are able to do the role of yours safely and confidently and take pleasure in the experience.

  1. What’s stewarding?
    The main purposes of event stewarding are protecting public safety and also in order to provide advice or info to festivalgoers. ninety nine % of stewarding is assisting individuals with their enquiries. one % of stewarding is helping save lives
    in an urgent situation. You have to prepare for either eventuality and be ready to answer as and when necessary.
    A great steward is informative, educated about the festival and conscious of what’s going on around them. And so attend
    training, see the briefing and stroll the festival website ahead of the 1st change of yours so that you understand where everything is. The
    most typical questions you’ll be directed are -‘ Where are classified as the nearest toilets? What method is the
    main point? How can I get out?’ Familiarise yourself by attending 1 of our festival website walkabouts
    which this season are on seventeen and eighteen June at 8pm.
  2. How old would you have to be to volunteer as a steward?
    You are able to teach to become a steward at seventeen, but should be eighteen on the day you turn up on website for the festival.
    There’s simply no upper age limit! If perhaps you’re a far more mature steward who’s still young at heart and also would
    love to be active, then we’d really like having you on the staff.
  3. What exactly are the festival stewarding zones?
    The festival site is split into 4 zones for stewarding purposes:
     Red – Priory Entrances /Exits
     Yellow – Aracadecletic, the family as well as St Marys Stages as well as Icehouse area
     Blue – Main Stage
     Orange – Priory and BBC Park stages, south gate and picnic area entrance/exit Steward post numbers connect to their stewarding zone e.g. SB1 is bluish zone steward post one.
  4. How can stewards easily fit in the festival chain of command?
    Senior Steward
    Steward Control (and Steward Welfare)
    Head of Security
    Occasion Control
  5. What exactly are Senior Stewards?
    There’s a roaming Senior Steward accountable for every stewarding zone. They’re in charge of making
    positive stewards are in the appropriate position, understand the function of theirs and also notifying Steward Welfare when stewards require changing or perhaps refreshments.
  6. What’s Steward Control?
    Steward Control, based in Event management, is liable for the general running of the festival and also manages some problems or maybe emergencies associated with stewards.
  7. What’s Security?
    Whilst lots of security and stewarding roles would be the exact same, the 2001 Security Industries Act (SIA) has determined the roles that will just be performed by a licensed and trained fellow member of security.
    You want an SIA licence (badge) to:
     Perform searches
     Guard equipment
     Act as doorstep staff
     Handle conflict/conduct bodily restraint or maybe evictions Just the authorities have the power making arrests.
  8. What’s Steward Welfare?
    Steward Welfare allocates stewards to roles and also would be the communication for stewards needing refreshments or even replacing. It’s based at the (white) Priory Marquee.
  9. How can I check out in for stewarding?
    Go on the passholders entry and you’ll find out where you can collect the ROTW wristband of yours, which together with the ROTW team pass that you’ll received prior to the day, provides you with a chance to access the festival website.
    Article for the change of yours at Steward Welfare in the Priory Marquee also you’ll be given with a hi vis vest and a distinct steward pass. Staff members will likely then assign you to some steward position and short you on the role of yours and
    the steward zone of yours. You’ll be positioned with no less than another steward and you have to use your
    wristband and also identification pass whilst you’re on site.
    All stewards working around stages in orange and blue zones will be supplied with ear protection. a this’s
    legal requirement. Senior stewards have extra earplugs.
    Whenever you turn up for the very first change of yours, Steward Welfare will furthermore provide you with a steward’s handbook leaflet, that contains a website and radio procedures map.
  10. What must I use?
    Something which you are going to be comfy in though remember the changeable weather – a rain mac as well as sun block! You have to use your steward’s hi vis vest at all of times you’re on duty so you are able to be easily
    identifiable to the general public. Sensible shoes are crucial as you may possibly be standing for long stretches.
  11. How can I work with speak with the Steward Control and also Steward Welfare?
    Every steward position is allotted a radio to keep communication with Steward Control and Steward Welfare. Steward welfare is going to issue a radio on the very first steward on every position. Subsequent
    stewards have a battery pack to change the main in the radio. Radios and battery packs should be signed
    back and out in after every shift.
    The radio channel for stewards is channel two and this’s additionally administered by Event Control. You may
    receive advice or maybe directions direct from Steward Control or maybe Event Control, who’ll find themselves, based on the enquiry or even incident you state to them. Don’t replace the radio
    channel from two at anytime unless told to do this by Steward Control.
    Take care of the radio of yours at all times. Radios cost ROTW £450 to change and result in a security risk in case they
    are taken.
  12. How can I run the radio?
    The stewards’ handbook leaflet sets out stereo methods call incident and signs codes. Radio
    training is provided as part of the festival website walkabouts of ours.
    Remember these guidelines when making use of your radio:
    Three  Before attempting to send a message with the radio, pay attention to determine if anybody else is talking. If so,
    wait for the message of theirs to finish prior to sending the message of yours otherwise neither message is going to be heard.
     Hold down the transmit button for a few of seconds before talking to make certain that the whole message of yours is sent. When you’re not employing a headset, keep the air aproximatelly four in away
    from the mouth of yours. Everything you say with the radio is going to be heard by everybody on that
    channel. Do not swear.
     When working with the air please plainly express your steward position – not your specific steward identification number. End every idea exchange with’ over’ and so the radio
    controller knows when you should reply to you. Radio’ over and also out’ to verify when the
    conversation is concluded. For instance start an idea with’ SY19 to Steward Control,
    over…’ and conclude a chat with’ SY19 to Steward Control, communication recognized.
    Over along with out.’
     If an emergency is declared all stewards should preserve radio silence except for emergencies until the scenario is declared solved by Event Control. (See aisle on
    emergency procedures later in this specific briefing.)
     If you’ve an urgent message, start by saying’ priory, priority.’
    The battery of yours is going flat when the white light on the radio of yours flashes constantly or maybe the transmissions start to break up. Radio steward welfare for a runner to take you a brand new battery pack.
    Radios don’t work effectively in water – so guard them in a rain storm.