Your rights on flight delays under EU Law

If your trip hold-ups for three or more hours at the destination airport, you are qualified to monetary payment as much as 600EUR (or ₤ 510) under EC Law 261/2004.

Offered that the disturbance was caused as a result of the airline companies’ fault. And, you must have departed from EU flight terminal or landed at EU airport with an EU-regulated airline.

The quantity of payment varies between 250EUR to 600EUR depending upon the distance of your trip and also length of the delay.

What should you do when your flight was postponed?

☛ Ask the airline company for the reason behind it.
☛ Obtain verification in creating from the airlines’ client service.
☛ Keep in mind the flights’ arriving time (i.e., when the airplane door was opened).
☛ Accumulate added proof (e.g. photos of arrival board, boarding pass, invoices, etc.).
☛ Exchange contact details of co-passengers (which can work as proof while asking for payment).
☛ Utilize our settlement mosaic tool and inspect if you are eligible for compensation.
☛ Designate us your instance for an easy claim (we service a “No Win– No Fee” basis).
☛ Or, call the airline company if you are confident to obtain the money on your own.

Can you claim settlement for trip delays?

These are the list below problems when you can ask for settlement under the EU regulation EC 261:

Your flight needs to have been delayed for greater than 3 hrs on arrivals.
You should have departed from the airport in the EU (European Union), or reached the airport terminal in the EU with EU-regulated airline company.
It shouldn’t be postponed because of unanticipated scenarios, which are past the control of the airline companies.

Note: Even after Brexit, the EU legislation is still relevant in the UK, until it entirely leaves the EU. We will maintain you upgraded on it.

EC 261 guideline is even valid for Iceland, Norway, and also Switzerland, although these countries are outside of the European Union.

Can you declare for hold-ups outside of EU?

The answer is a big YES.

It matters not if you have citizenship of any country.

EU legislation stands for all the passengers departed from the airport terminal in the EU or gotten here in the EU with EU airline.


EU to non-EU: British Airways flight from London (LHR) to Los Angeles (LAX) if shown up behind 3 hrs, makes you eligible to request for a repayment.
Within EU: EasyJet airline company will be liable to reimburse you for a hold-up between Frankfurt Airport terminal (FRA) as well as Malaga (AGP) if you got to the destination behind 3 hrs.
Outside of EU: Passengers CAN NOT case for lateness with Ryanair, if travelling from Tel Aviv Yafo (TLV) to Agadir (AGA), as both the flight terminals are outside the EU.

How much can I claim for a postponed trip?

The amount relies on the range of your trip as well as length of the delay. It is between 250 Euros to 600 Euros.

Your legal rights under EC Regulation 261/2004

According to EC 261 guideline, passengers are qualified to financial payment of up to 600EUR for postponed flights of greater than 3 hrs, terminated trips without prior notification, as well as refuted boarding as a result of overbooking.

Airlines are not liable to make up for the trouble created because of exceptional situations (like the strike, bad climate, or a Disaster). Which seems to be reasonable.

There are various type of hold-ups. There are short ones that trigger some stress. Then there are long ones that trigger anxiety. The law attempts to treat passengers according to the length of the delay.

If the hold-up is of more than 2 hours, airline companies ought to give free meals, beverages, two telephone call as well as accessibility to e-mails or fax.

Hotel lodging as well as transport facility (in between airport and also resort) need to be the airline’s obligation for an overnight hold-up.

If the airlines do not offer these solutions, ask them. It’s your right, as long as you have a legitimate ticket.

Hotel, traveling, and also meals are not low-cost. Under EU legislation, the airline companies ought to spend for these, not you.

Here is exactly how this functions. The airline should give you vouchers for food, hotel, and so on. If they do not, proceed and ask a person who works for the airline.

If they still do not assist you, obtain creative. Pay the bills but maintain the receipts. After that reveal these when submitting the claim. But be reasonable with costs.

It deserves pointing out, Airlines are not bound to pay for expensive points. If you handover receipts for alcohol, high-end resorts or costly dishes, you won’t return any type of money.

Below is superb news. Even for negative weather if the other airline companies were operational, you still might deserve to these services. Now you know why it pays to know your civil liberties.

European air guests also have traveling rights under the Montreal Convention as well as Civil Air Travel Authority (CAA).
Relevant Inquiries
Should I accept vouchers from the airline rather than settlement?

The answer is a big ‘NO’. You usually have just a couple of months to make use of the voucher before expiration. In the long run, approving air delay compensation as opposed to the voucher offers you a lot more versatility. You are totally free to utilize the compensated money as you wish. The bottom line is, the only coupon you need to accept from the airline is a dish coupon.
What to do if your airline delays?

When the delay goes beyond 3 hours, you can ask for refund approximately 600 Euros.

It’s even valid for linking flights if scheduled under the same leg.

If you miss your attaching flight due to a hold-up or termination, you may ask for a return ticket and also refund for the part of the journey not covered.

Whereas, if you reached your final location later than three hrs, you are entitled to settlement.

Prior to submitting the claim, see to it that the airline company can not confirm it was because of remarkable scenarios.

Consider it by doing this; it is you versus the airline company. They would certainly choose not to compensate you. But their hold-up messed up your strategies.

So, think of it as building a court case. They need to be ‘condemned’. Ok, enough of court language.

You understand. The airline company will turn down the case in remarkable circumstances. So, see to it that the air carrier was accountable. In most cases, it is not that hard to establish.