Is Duck Considered Red Meat?

Duck meat is consumed around the globe and especially popular in China.

It is a rich supply of protein and offers a few minerals and vitamins. Nevertheless, there is a little confusion about whether duck is white or red meat.

This particular article covers the differences between white and red meat and just how duck is classified.

Red-colored meat is to have additional myoglobin compared to meat that is white.

Myoglobin is a protein discovered in the muscle tissue of mammals which connects to oxygen. In the event it binds to oxygen, it gets red, therefore adding a red color to meat.

The bigger myoglobin content in meats as beef or maybe lamb is why they are considered reddish meats. On the flip side, chicken doesn’t contain much myoglobin, and consequently, is classified as meat that is white.

Having said that, other things are able to influence the style of meat. Meat from older animals, and also meat which have been subjected to oxygen and never saved in vacuum packaging, is often darker (two).

Lastly, slices of meat from muscles which use more oxygen could additionally be redder in color. This’s exactly why chicken thighs and lower limbs are darker compared to breasts.


White and red meats differ in the articles of theirs of myoglobin, a protein in muscle mass which binds to oxygen and it is white in color. Meat from muscles which use greater oxygen is redder.

Based on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), duck meat is classified as white.

Poultry, this includes two legged animals like ducks, turkeys, and chickens, is considered meat that is white. Livestock, like four legged cows, pigs, and also lambs, is scientifically classified as white meat.

Nevertheless, although duck meat is grouped into exactly the same category as turkey and chicken, it is likely to have additional myoglobin and also a darker color.

This’s because ducks might fly and engage the breast muscles of theirs, while chicken and turkeys do not fly.

Consequently, duck meat is darker in color than chicken or maybe turkey breasts plus more much like their legs or thighs. Nevertheless, it is generally not as dark as lamb or beef.

Put simply, duck meat might be “dark,” though it is not scientifically categorized as “red” meat.


Since duck is categorized as poultry, it’s scientifically regarded as a white-colored meat. Nevertheless, it’s a darker color than virtually all cuts of turkey and chicken meat, as ducks work with certain muscles more.

Based on culinary tradition, meat which stays black when cooked is red meat.

In this particular sense, duck might be considered red meat of the kitchen. In reality, in the same way to beef, duck is usually prepared medium rare and also served somewhat pink on the interior at restaurants.

Also, thanks to the higher fat content of its, duck is generally more flavorful than turkey and chicken.

Nevertheless, it is essential to be aware the USDA suggests cooking a duck leg recipe on the exact same inner temperature as chicken – 165°F (74°C).

Duck that is fully cooked generally carries a lighter color.

Since the culinary classification of duck isn’t grounded in science and relies on the color of its during food preparation and also helping, not everybody might classify it as being a red-colored meat in the culinary sense.

No matter, duck is loaded with nutrients. One skinless breast (ninety five grams) provides twenty two grams of protein and only 190 calories, together with many minerals and vitamins.

Although it is higher in fat compared to a chicken breast, it is still a healthy protein source that may be integrated into a nutritious diet in small amounts.


Duck might be seen as red meat of the cooking area, as it is usually served medium rare and stays deep during cooking. Nevertheless, the culinary classification of duck may not be constant.

Duck is scientifically regarded as a white-colored meat due to the myoglobin written content of its and also classification as poultry.

Nonetheless, it’s generally darker in color than nearly all parts of turkey and chicken and sometimes cooked differently. Thus, duck might be regarded as a white meat by culinary standards.

No matter the classification of its as a red or white meat, duck is a proper meat option that may be included in a healthy diet.