Engagement Rings: How-to-Buy Guide

Purchasing an engagement ring is about the small details and also by obtaining these best, we understand that you will pick the band they will treasure for a lifetime, with professional guidance from the full how-to-buy guide of ours.

The four Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat
Confidence and weight
The four Cs At A Glance

Each stone is as different as a snowflake and it is the cut, colour, lucidity and also carat that can help determine each stone’s real quality. We think that you are able to often select a stone or maybe you are able to fall in love with it, and that is precisely how we choose the diamonds which become a part of the engagement ring collections of ours.

Most of our diamond solitaire engagement rings are a minimum colour Si1 and G clarity, which means that the diamond of yours is going to be dazzling, clear, and bright whatever carat size you select.

Find the four Cs one. Cut

In order to give off the internal beauty of its, a diamond has to be cut in perfect proportions. A beautifully cut diamond is going to have plenty of sparkle.

  1. Colour

A diamond’s rarity and purity is calculated by the lack of its of colour. A clean stone is going to have a bright, white appearance.

  1. Clarity

Nearly all diamonds have inclusions. We choose the finest to ensure these special markings won’t be noticeable to the naked eye

  1. Carat

Frequently unclear when the dimensions of a stone, the carat is in fact the way of measuring a diamond’s weight.

Our 5th C: Confidence

We do not just tick from the four Cs or follow a technical checklist. For us it is about authentic care and passion and also about ensuring the engagement ring sparkles of yours.

The ideal Setting
The various Types of
Band Settings

The kind of ring setting will most likely get the biggest impact on the all round look of its, whether you are looking for glamour, sophistication or timelessness.

The way In order to Choose a Diamond Shape

Creating the very own individual style of theirs, the form of the diamond is going to give your engagement ring the unique character of its.

  1. Round Brilliant

A classic design, the round great diamond is the greatest diamond shape for sparkle.

  1. Princess Diamonds

Elegant and glamorous, the princess cut functions nicely for high carat diamonds and possesses a contemporary, square shape.

The way In order to Find the Engagement Ring Size Right

Obtaining the dimensions of your respective engagement ring right is among the elements which can result in most anxiety, especially in case you are planning a surprise engagement. Nevertheless, we would encourage you never to get too concerned about this detail. Based on the style of your engagement ring it may not constantly be feasible to have it re sized but, in case it does not fit, you are able to send it back to us unworn and we will be pleased to swap it for the proper size of her.