Functional Design in Uniforms of the Future

The layout of an airline uniform is taken seriously by us at 4 Stripes.

This is a core exercise in structure brand identity for two unique groups; the airline experts who must really feel happy to use their company’s attire, as well as by customers that need to instantly recognize the values and society of the airline.

3 main policies for Functional Design in Uniforms are:

The attire needs to be both an item of beauty and also very comfy, always based on the airline society and also worths.
The style of the attire need to always apply the ideal excellent quality fabrics to give the utmost treatment as well as convenience for the airline company professionals, whilst making sure longevity as well as resistance meant for a long-term use.
The uniform pieces are established with mindful consideration for technological elements that permits a very easy alteration if needed for tailoring to the one-of-a-kind specs of each team participant. Are you adhering to any of this rules on your airline attire?

We constantly remember the core elements during the style process of the uniform of the airline business to provide staffs happiness.

Offering The Advanced Pilot Shirt

4 Stripes introduces the only pilot shirt that shields pilots from damaging UV rays.

With an objective to give safer offices for pilots, 4 Stripes produce UV protection pilot shirts that makes pilot’s wellness the concern while supplying unrivaled comfort and also style. Loaded with effective features such as non-Iron and nano textile, you can really feel the distinction wearing this distinctive shirt.

Begin putting on 4 Stripes shirts as well as treat on your own to convenience as well as beauty paired with costs health care!

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