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DAB radio features to look for

Alarms Necessary to get you out of bed in the early morning, alarm systems cover a range of settings– including buzzer, radio, ambient audios or, if attached to an apple iphone, the ability to play stored songs instead. Some DAB radios have numerous alarms, which is suitable if you and also your companion requirement to awaken at different times.

EPG An electronic programme guide will reveal you what’s turning up following or what’s presently playing.

DAB and also FM Want the best of both worlds? Most DAB radios will include the capability to pay attention to the existing FM wavelength as well as FM terminals, along with their upgraded digital DAB counterparts.

Timers If you’re searching for a DAB radio for the kitchen area, think about a version with convenient timers, so you can establish an alarm system countdown when food preparation food.

Bluetooth Enables you to wirelessly connect to a nearby Bluetooth tool, consisting of Bluetooth headphones as well as smartphones. This allows you pay attention to music without a tangle of cords, or play music from a Bluetooth mobile phone using your DAB radio as a wireless audio speaker.

Wi-Fi DAB radios with built-in Wi-Fi can be wirelessly attached to your house network and then access the net so you can pay attention to catch-up radio solutions, a variety of net radio stations and download and install podcasts.

iPhone dock Little connectors that let you connect an iPhone, iPod or iPad into your digital radio to play music from it and charge it as well. Try to find a Lightning adapter for modern-day iPhones.

Touchscreen Rare on DAB radios but some models have a touchscreen that regulates audio, terminals and also other setups.

Snooze button Crucial for a bedside DAB radio, this enables you to snooze an alarm system. Typically, snooze is set for nine minutes, with increasing much shorter periods between button presses. Look for one that’s easy to use– a simple job that several of DAB radios make remarkably tough.

Remote Some DAB radios include a push-button control for adjusting quantity, station as well as basic settings.

USB A port for attaching devices such as a tablet computer or computer, or plug in a USB memory stick as well as play songs that are stored on it.