How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Window Pane

During the training course of homeownership, you are bound to face a busted window at some point. A wayward baseball wrecks with a 2nd tale home window or severe weather condition triggers a window pane break. Completely repairing a broken window is not always an immediate alternative, but a quick fix will certainly assist keep climate and also pests out up until you can take care of a more permanent glass repair service.

Place on a set of strong work handwear covers as well as examine the busted or damaged home window meticulously. If the home window is just split and no glass is missing out on, meticulously really feel the split area. Press the glass gently to guarantee it is not loosened enough to befall.

Place a piece of clear strapping tape over the crack, if the glass feels durable. Apply tape to the broken location on the contrary side of the pane as well, if obtainable. Scrub the tape pieces with your fingernail to smooth out air bubbles.

Search for small holes in the home window or little missing items of glass near the junction of splits in the glass. Spot little openings with small amounts of clear nail gloss, using in layers, small amounts at once. Permit nail gloss to dry between coats. Keep applying polish with smooth strokes up until the holes are patched.

If the busted location has missing glass and is too large for tape or nail polish, look for loosened glass fragments. Remove fragments thoroughly making use of strong work gloves. Step the location that requires covering. A whole broken pane or panel can be covered for optimum security and safety.

Cover the broken location with several layers of thick clear plastic, cut to size with scissors. If plastic is not offered, a tough trash bag can be used. Tape the plastic into area using clear product packaging tape. An essential weapon might be used if securing the plastic borders to a wood window framework. Secure the plastic to the beyond an exterior window, if that is a functional alternative.
Things You Will Require

Sturdy job gloves

Clear, solid packing tape

Clear nail polish

Measuring tape

Thick clear plastic sheeting


Strong trash can

Staple weapon


A scrap of wood might likewise be utilized to board up a broken window, if looks are not a problem. Nail the board into location over the damaged window as well as into the sill or structure around the window.

Usage boards or various other tough methods of covering large open areas on the ground floor of a residence or business to discourage trespassers.