Data Recovery Services by Data Clinic Ltd

Are you looking for a data recovery specialist? If you face a problem while accessing files or when your phone or hard drive stops working, you need Data Clinic’s solution. 

Since 2002 we have been helping you to recover data from different digital storage devices, including laptops, hard drives, RAID arrays, mobile phones, servers, mobile cars, etc. We are leading in the UK as a reliable data recovery company. Our exceptional success rates prove the above fact as we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which makes our service safe.

The recovery of the hard drive starts from £195 whereas mobile phones start from £150 only. Our pricing policy is quite adaptable and meets your specific needs as we work only when you have agreed to our quoted cost.

Our Priority Recovery Service and Emergency Recovery Service are being operated for providing urgent data services as per customers’ needs. We are available round the clock, 24*7, to serve you. 

Hard drive recovery

We are the best hard drive data recovery company with a great success record. Data clinic uses advanced hard drive recovery techniques for both hardware and software. We assist in different forms of hard drive failure that include lost photos, corrupt/deleted documents or files, hard drive head crashes, broken hard drives, encryption problems, etc. No matter what the brand is, we help recover data from any brand and type of hard drive. 

Smartphone and tablet data recovery

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones include lots of data, and we specialize in recovering your valuable data. 

CCTV DVR data recovery services 

Data Clinic help in recovering CCTV data from different types of DVR system. We are specialists in giving recovery of criminal activities, accidents, and other incidents. We help you retrieve data if CCTV data still seems to exist on the DVR system, no matter if the footage has been deleted or the hard drive and recorder have been damaged. 

Forensic data recovery services

We offer advanced forensic data recovery on all digital media types, including CCTV systems, hard drives, and phones for regulatory bodies, forensic investigators, councils, and government agencies. 

RAID Data recovery service

Our RAID data recovery team is experienced in recovering critical data 24*7. We are the most dedicated RAID team to operate nationwide as experts in all RAID levels in the UK. 


After properly diagnosing your hard drive issue, we let you know the recovery cost before further commencing. You can call on our number 08001512207 to discuss with our team about hard drive data recovery services. We collect hard drive free of cost from your business and your house.