Top Six Advantages of a Home Battery Bank

Since Tesla’s highly anticipated unveiling of Powerwall back in 2015, home battery banks have grown to be a great topic.

While the main motivation of yours might not be monetary in nature, battery storage systems boast the capability to assist customers be more energy independent and will provide ton of advantages to the home of yours. In order to enable you to determine if a house battery bank from Poweroak is best for you, we have compiled the best 6 benefits of buying a system below:

  1. Use really your sun generation:

Without a house battery bank, the solar power you do not use is exported to the power system, with varying rates based on the place you live and if you installed your solar. Instead of exporting and losing the extra solar power of yours for just a couple cents, a battery bank will enable you to keep the electricity so that you are able to utilize it yourself at night.

  1. Energy independence:

While a house battery bank does not permit you to go totally off-grid with ease, it is undoubtedly an action in the correct direction. Providing you with the capability to work with your stored solar power at night, a battery bank decreases the quantity of energy you will have to purchase from the power grid. This decreases the reliance of yours on the power grid and provides you with more energy independence.

  1. Energy arbitrage:

If you are presently on a period of use tariff, you’ll be able to gain from energy arbitrage. By charging the battery bank at off peak rates and utilizing your own personal saved energy at peak prices, you will wind up saving a lot of cash on the electric bills of yours.

  1. Backup power in case of outages:

Outages could be inconvenient at the very best of times, along with a downright hassle at worst. Whether an outage is induced by a storm, nearby construction mishap, or maybe community disaster, it is feasible to set up your house battery storage process in a manner which can present you with backup power. Imagine that – electricity, regardless of what’s going on with the grid!

  1. Reduced strain on electricity networks:

By using the electric battery bank of yours and also shooting the strain away from the power grid during peak times, you are leading to the longer life of neighborhood resources and infrastructure. This decreases the demand for costly network upgrades, which wind up being paid for by all grid users.

  1. State of the art technology:

The idea of a house battery bank is a really enjoyable innovation. Be prepared to make use of future regulatory changes that will enable you to trade rooftop solar generated electricity between households, community groups, and small enterprises. Purchasing a program is going to allow you to avoid huge energy retailers and be a component of this new “micro grids” innovation.

You will find a selection of factors you have to think about before deciding whether a house battery bank as Powerwall is best for you. For a no obligation evaluation of the energy consumption of yours, like the viability of adding an integrated battery bank alongside a solar energy process at the home of yours, only get in contact.