Why companies are hiring Node JS development companies

IBM, PayPal, Intel, LinkedIn along with other huge companies are embracing Node.js and also looking for services of a Node JS development business such as intelvision.pro/technologies/node-js to use the advantages of Node.js.

Why huge companies are embracing Node.js for web development?

Walmart has just recently adopted Node.js to serve the whole site traffic of Walmart.com. NASA, also, turned from their older technology to Node.js to confirm secure entry to data. Businesses, like Intel, PayPal, IBM, LinkedIn, Wall Street Journal, Capital One, along with a lot of other huge businesses, are embracing Node.js with regards to site development.

JavaScript introduced different open source technologies, which time with Node.js, it’s offering great ecosystem of open source libraries. A Node JS development organization is offering solutions to construct scalable network apps that work together with various OS threads.
Precisely why is Node.js deemed better compared to others?

The excellent and lightweight solution structure of Node.js motivates companies to select Node.js for site development. Node.js is thought to reinvent the way sites are made. It empowers the developers to create complicated functionality in days rather compared to weeks.

Node.js is a JavaScript run time made on Google Chrome’s open source JavaScript engine. It will help Node.js to perform data acceleration effectively and dynamically. It likewise would make the sites much more responsive with enhanced protection and no glitches. PayPal switched from Ruby on Rails to Node Js development services for protected and quicker payment processing. Jeff Harrell, Director of Engineering at PayPal states that Node.js has empowered the staff of theirs to hasten the procedure to take the designs of theirs to life.

Features of Node.js which are assisting businesses

The advanced options that come with Node.js enable the developers to confirm high end of a web program. While these characteristics are definitely more ideal for the programmers, they provide advantages that are great to businesses by assisting in fast, cost-efficient and easier application development. Several of the outstanding features of Node.js include:


Node.js enables the programmers to scale an app in vertical and horizontal scales, therefore enhancing the functionality of the application program and stopping it from crashing.

Network program development

With integrated APIs of Node.js, a Node JS development organization is empowered to create various kinds of chat server, other network and web server applications. The servers which could be created include DNS Server, Jigsaw Server, TCP Server, HTTPS Server as well as other things.

Event-Driven and non-blocking I/O

The non blocking features of Node.js allow an application program to operate seamlessly, without blocking and awaiting info inputs. It sends info and performs other jobs concurrently. It is able to fetch info the moment it gets it from the server.

Simple testing

Node.js will help in unit testing, that is facilitated by a number of great testing libraries provided by the planet.
Core advantages provided by Node.js


Node.js site development process is accelerated by V8 JavaScript car with no compromise on safety measures and quality. The I/O model of Node.js app functions without blocking thread, and that helps make the application scalable & lightweight.

Ideal for micro services

Node.js allows you to process the application of yours while you’re making use of it. A Node JS development business is able to enable you to scale just the selected and also necessary areas of the program of yours. Furthermore, you are able to get rid of the unwieldy modules. The choice to sort the work facilitates execution of micro providers on a Node.js application.

Effective performance

Being single threaded JavaScript runtime, Node.js works flawlessly and rapidly. It can help enhance the application data and also reduces storage by succeeding work twenty times faster.

Node.js is continually improvising at a quick speed. It’s consistently launching brand new releases and enhancing the features of its and coding standards.

Knowing the advantages that the companies are experiencing by developing Node.js, in case you’re additionally preparing to create the business app of yours with this particular JavaScript runtime, count on a seasoned business for quality Node JS development services. Be sure that the company you select can understand the needs of yours and also offer you the proper solutions that align with the business objectives of yours.