Adventure Travel in the Sahara Desert of Morocco

In the travels of mine I’ve seldom have felt the drive to go back to any place. The drive to see new locations, activities, and landscapes is continually streaming through the veins of mine. So it claims a great deal about the secret of the Moroccan combat that I’ve visited not after, but 3 times, in the last 7 years.

There’s nothing quite like the delights of going up a lofty Saharan sand dune at dusk in order to view the sunset, or perhaps to see the peace when walking for a whole day without getting an additional soul. A trek in the desert is just as much a hypnotic experience as it’s a drive to find a brand new portion of the world.

The tenacity and customs of the area nomadic people are interesting. Nomads appear from thin air, springing from the deep, to collect around my evening campfire and exchange info. Placing their calloused legs in the hot coals to keep warm, and drinking full glass after cup of mint tea, the questions continue for hours, up a light on the mysteries of a community I hardly comprehend. Just where did you discover water? Who’s camping by the excellent dunes of Chegaga? Did you observe the sky? Maybe a sandstorm is coming.

More than anything, it’s this intimacy and contact with the individuals and the land that keeps me coming to the desert. I actually leave vowing to return as well as spend the majority of the moment between trips convincing others for use. If the thought intrigues you, here’s an useful guide to planning yummy desert adventure:

When To Go. Trekking may be possible from October to April, though the very best time to visit is from December through February. Daytime temps are pleasant (20-25°C or maybe 68-77°F) and the sunshine isn’t as powerful as during the majority of the entire year. Springtime is a fantastic event in the wasteland and comes in late March or maybe February, bringing the impressive sight of flowering plants and flowers on the foundation of the sand dunes. Sandstorms are able to occur whenever but are most typical towards the end of March and into April.

Where To Go. You have 2 options for a Morocco desert tour both fixed all around the towns of Zagora and also Merzouga. Both are within the southeast of the nation but are still quite far apart from each other – and every city has its own unique taste.

The disadvantage and also the advantage of Merzouga is that it’s more developed compared to Zagora. In Merzouga, there’s a much broader selection of hotels – from budget to luxury – set practically at the legs of the great sand dunes. It’s difficult going somewhere in town without looking at the dunes of Erg Chebbi towering on the horizon. If you’re really short promptly or even would like an area with a perspective, plus you don’t worry about sharing the desert with groups of fellow travelers, and then Merzouga could be the world to visit.

Zagora’s desert is extra removed from our society. The bustling city of Zagora and also the village of M’Hamid (100km away) are just bases in which you are able to reserve an instructions manual or even purchase resources for the journey ahead. The biggest dunes are only accessible by 4×4 or perhaps by trekking for a couple of days on foot. You are going to get the best out of Zagora in case you’re prepared to camp as well as have 3-5 many days to spare. You may still find tourists in Zagora, though they’re spread out in the great landscape, therefore encounters with some other groups have a tendency to be brief and rare.

What to take. Packing gently is best. Keep in mind, on a trek it’s the camel which carries all the issues of yours, together with the supplies for camping and cooking! Place everything in bags which can get bumped and also thrown around. This’s not the place for good suitcases. Among the most crucial things to take are:

Clothes appropriate for trekking under a scorching sun. There might be plenty of sand but this’s not the beach and also you are going to be in the sun throughout the day in all. In order to protect the body of yours, bring along light shirts and pants and a huge hat to keep the head of yours under cover. You are able to purchase a standard Moroccan scarf which wraps around the head of yours like a turban when you’re in the nation.
Thermal underwear to sleep in. The days are sexy though the nights may be near or even below freezing. A great set of long johns is essential.
Sunscreen. Higher SPF sunscreen is not often simple to discover in Morocco. Find some that’s no less than thirty SPF – much higher in case burns burns easily.
A comfy pair of walking shoes. Sandals aren’t the most desirable choice. Occasionally you are able to use them, but in other areas the surface is rougher than you may imagine, with quite a few little rocks on the earth.
A digital camera. The desert can be difficult on photographic equipment, therefore a compact camera is perfect since it’s enclosed and much better protected against sand and dust. In case you carry one thing fancier with changeable lenses make certain to have a great carrying bag and additional plastic bags to preserve anything against grit. Think about a second battery for very long treks.
A short wave radio. This is arguable. In case you go to escape from it all, you might wish to make the air at home. On another hand, the neighborhood folks like tuning in the songs and radio stations which are available over the airwaves will frequently start out a round of singing.
Baby wipes. In case you’re doing an extended trek, water to clean with might not appear for 3 4 days, until you achieve a really well. A bunch of baby wipes can help to remove the day’s grime and so they could be used in the fire at night, leaving absolutely no trace on the landscape.
Games or even The Best Performance of yours. Games are usually played during the night around the fire. Memorize a couple of word games, bring a little puzzle along, and be ready to sing a song or maybe whatever else you are able to do to entertain. This’s a great way to share as well as get to know the guides of yours and fellow travelers.