British Passports, A Guide for Expats

In case you’re curious about what do about the British passport of yours when you are making the home of yours in other country, then this guidebook is perfect for you.

Below, how you can use for the British passport and the way to restore a UK passport from overseas are explained.

You are able to additionally discover what you should do if the British passport of yours is lost or even stolen while you’re overseas.

Getting A British Passport

British expats are able to apply for, restore, and also upgrade the UK passports online of theirs from someplace in the planet.

The service is cheaper on the internet and takes around 6 weeks to process a very first adult passport and 3 weeks to renew British passport.

If you’ve an urgent need for a passport, such like a relative has dies overseas, expats are able to use for a UK passport or maybe Emergency Travel Documents from the British consulate or Embassy exactly where they’re.

Reporting changes in your private life

Don’t assume all private change require reporting on the Passport Office.

Three Reasons You need to get a brand new passport:

You change the name of yours
Your gender changes
You alter the appearance of yours, therefore you’re unrecognisable within your passport photo

If you update the passport of yours, the existing one and any time left is cancelled, and also you’ll be sent a brand new 10 year passport.
7 Reason You don’t have to update a passport::

Move home or even alter your phone number
Change the job of yours
Change the appearance of yours by growing a beard or even altering the hairstyle of yours
Get divorced and married
Become a health care professional or professor or usually change title
Be a dual national with another country and the UK
Try leaving the UK as an expat

Passport photo rules

You want a colour electronic picture that’s in focus and measuring 750 pixels tall x 600 pixels wide. The file size ought to be between 50KB and 10MB.

The picture must be a head-and-shoulders image before a basic background with nothing one else in the frame.

The picture of you – from the crown of the head of yours to the face of yours – ought to be between 29mm and 34mm high.

The picture must be no higher than a month old.

Some other do’s and also don’ts include:

Face to the digicam and look on the lens
Have a straight face as well as your mouth closed
Open the eyes of yours so they’re plainly visible
Don’t deal with the face of yours, including with the hair of yours
Don’t deal with the head of yours except for medical or religious reasons
Remain from shadows Don’t have on sunglasses or perhaps tinted glasses. If you use ordinary glasses ensure the eyes of yours are noticeable as well as the lenses are clear of reflections or glare

Apply For Emergency Travel Documents

When you’re abroad, have lost the passport of yours but have to go urgently, you are able to apply for an urgent situation Travel Document.

You are able to request the document if:

You’re British
You’re not in the UK
The passport of yours is lost, full, damaged, has just recently expired or is by using a different embassy
You’ve no time to hold out for a replacement
You are able to show the need of yours is urgent

The software costs £100 isn’t refundable.

Consult the closest British Embassy of yours or maybe consulate if you’re qualified for Emergency Travel Documents If you’re not really a British citizen, but a different British type national

Use for an urgent situation Travel Document from the UK government site What’s an urgent situation Travel Document?

The Emergency Travel Document allows the holder move between around 5 countries.

Travel plans are printed on the document and in case they change, you have to apply for a brand new body.

Expats will continue to require visas to cross borders in case they needed one with the passport of theirs.