Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport

Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport, where the title recalls a unique Renaissance artist and whose Vitruvian Male’s statue is the airports recognized sign? offers Rome, the capital of Italy, centrally located in the Latium Region, a wealthy and large market of roughly six million inhabitants. Rome hosts several international organizations including Agricultural Organization and the Food and is a main touristic destination.

Aeroporti di Roma, a private business, manages Ciampino and Fiumicino airports under a concession contract given by the Ministry of Transport till 2044.

Fiumicino Airport works through 2 passenger terminals. It’s devoted to business and pleasure passengers on national, international, along with intercontinental routes. Last year Fiumicino Airport handled 43.5 million passengers.

The state of client experience

European airports are managing in an extremely competitive atmosphere, where a broad range of airlines? in particular low cost carriers? and destinations provide unique opportunities of traveling. Empowered passengers travelling worldwide have in your mind earlier happenings in some other airports, Asia provided, and that produces a need and also especially high regular across the market. Passengers count on probably the highest standards from European airports and also to experience magic moments and also special emotions when travelling. This higher expectation creates brand new challenges for airports to attain? enchanting passengers with specific customer experiences.

As for Leonardo da Vinci Airport, becoming the gateway in order to the eternal city of Rome and also to a nation which concentrates on unique treasures of wonderful landscapes, history, and art it causes a feeling of accountability, as ambassadors, to welcome the passengers of ours and also to make sure they leave Italy with positive emotions.

Airport Service Quality programmes

Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport is participating in order to the Airport Service Quality survey after 2005, having a chance to access a distinctive benchmark to be able to match up against the greatest airports around the world and also to increase inspiration and knowledge towards excellence in customer care. Our strategy is based on 3 major pillars: an, people, and benchmarking obsession with quality program.

Evaluating our position globally, in our passengers’ eyes, knowing the expectations of theirs, not just at the airport of ours however in additional airports in the planet, learning lessons from airfields versions of excellence, was as runway lights guiding the path of ours to provide the highest client experience for our passengers.

Employee participation in the passenger experience

To produce the very best conditions to allow passengers to follow an unforgettable client experience, we firmly trust the man dimension, in the people of ours and in their private engagement. Organizational and cultural changes have been implemented to better include the staff of ours and permit them to feel a part of the initiative. In 2016, we unveiled a new job position, the Terminal Manager, for supervising of the terminal structures. Their mission was guaranteeing the functionality and the image of the area of theirs of competence, letting them really feel and behave like the Terminal building were the own home of theirs.

As the mindset of all airport staff members impacts the consumer experience, we additionally engaged the stakeholder’s workers through the Airport Helper first step at the airports of ours in 2013 that originated at Lyon Airport. The effort contains over thousand Airport Helpers, belonging to a number of different businesses and also authorities being existing at the airport, providing their kindness and expertise through assistance and information to passengers.

The ASQ survey analysis offers useful tools and best methods to better comprehend what exactly are the primary key drivers to passenger’s total satisfaction worldwide regardless of location. Through a holistic and systematic method, Aeroporti di Roma has centered on the elements which profoundly influence the passenger experience, getting ideas from probably the best practices deployed worldwide.

The ASQ questionnaire specifically asks passengers what’s most crucial to them. This info is examined by ACI World and after established by our inner staff in order to realize what our passenger expectations are and to help us better recognize the primary key drivers to passenger fulfillment.

Terminal cleanliness

Cleanliness is an obvious mark of respect as a result of the passenger and increases the picture of the terminal. Several years ago, ADR chose to insource the cleaning activity previously done by different companies. Airport cleaning, a hundred % owned subsidiary, was created, to deal with the washing activity all at terminal buildings & toilets. Involvement of individuals is essential in any sort of success story: being incorporated in a business offering excellent working conditions and also has opportunities, makes individuals feel safer, and also happier? results in staff members performing the jobs of theirs with enthusiasm and dedication.
Check-in, passport, and airport security control

Check-in, safety measures, and passport control happen to be higher moments of tension for the passengers.

The check in areas were recently refurbished to facilitate way finding, improve the ambiance and permit passengers to a chance to access the most recent available technologies.

Security management is recognized to be a top second of anxiety for passengers, particularly when travelling with loved ones, due to this, we provide committed lanes for households travelling together.

New laws to strengthen the command at borders are difficult for the terminal and for passengers: to be able to accelerate the process, people from Europe and from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, along with Singapore have the chance to get into immediate border control gates reaching roughly fifty % of permitted passengers, among the largest on the planet.

Wayfinding is at the center of the passenger experience. It is able to be a source of anxiety, when done good it will in addition serve as way to obtain help? well-defined signage makes passengers feel confident and as an outcome we entirely changed the sign posting within the terminal buildings in addition to curbside, in series with international standards.

Once passengers have come to the gate region and really feel much more relaxed, they’ve the time to have and take part in entertainment. At Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport, they’re able to quickly link to Wi-Fi that is free, job in areas that are dedicated, relax on chairs that are comfortable, and also appreciate the time of theirs in game areas? never to forget about the kids areas designed to satisfy infants’ endless creativity. We delight the passengers of ours with highly sought after services plus special shopping opportunities, providing them very good value for cash and gastronomic experiences helped by Michelin star chefs.