How to Get Permanent Residency and Citizenship of Greece?

The Golden Visa for Greece is just about the most widely used investment visa plans in the EU. It’s a residence-by-investment visa, given to non EU citizens that make a major contribution to the Greek economy. There are many investment choices, although most typical course is through buying real estate worth no less than a quarter of a million.

Golden Visas given by the EU Member States like Greece are particularly coveted, since they might ultimately result in citizenship and therefore access to the EU.

The Greece Golden Visa offers quick five year residency to the investor along with the immediate family members of theirs and totally free travel in the Schengen Zone.
Who’s Eligible for a Greece Golden Visa?

Eligibility requirements for a Greek Golden Visa are:

You should be more than the age of eighteen.
You mustn’t have some record of criminal records, in virtually any nation where you’ve lived.
You have to have a major investment in Greece (see the purchase alternatives below).
You have to have received health insurance from a business operating in Greece.

Investment Choices for the Golden Visa for Greece

To get a Golden Visa for Greece, you have to create among the following investments:

Buy a genuine estate property worth a minimum of €250,000
Sign a lease agreement with a hotel or even tourist establishment for a minimum of ten years
Create a capital investment of more than €400,000 in a business authorized in Greece Make a €400,000 investment in Greek government bonds.
Create a €400,000 investment in shares or even bonds of real estate investment companies.
Create a €400,000 deposit in a Greek bank.
Make an €800,000 investment in business or even government bonds.

The positives of the Greek Golden Visa

A Greek Golden Visa is among the most competitive Golden Visas in the EU and it is accompanied with the next benefits:

The threshold purchase choices are quite less than in many other EU countries with Golden Visa routes.
You are able to lengthen the visa to add the loved ones of yours, like the spouse of yours, (unmarried) kids under twenty one years of age, and also reliant parents of either yourself or maybe your partner. If the kid of yours is more than the age of twenty one, but no earlier than twenty four, and they’re a pupil, they might additionally be incorporated in the Golden Visa program.
You and the family of yours are going to enjoy visa free travel to the Schengen Zone.
There aren’t any requirements to dwell in Greece for just about any period to restore the residence permit.
You are able to choose to rent out the property of yours after purchase.
You are able to use for Greek citizenship after 7 years of residence. Greece is an EU Member State, therefore you will have a chance to access the EU totally free market and also visa free travel to much more than a 100 nations.
You are able to live and also invest in Greece.
You’ve access to Greek training and healthcare

Period of a Greece Golden Visa

The Golden Visa for Greece is given for 5 years and also could be restored indefinitely so long as you keep the investment.

In case you eventually decide to dwell in Greece, then simply after 7 years of constant residence, you are able to additionally apply for Greek citizenship.
Just how long Would you Have to Live in Greece to Renew the Golden Visa?

Contrary to other places which issue Golden Visas, you don’t have to dwell in Greece in the least to be able to restore the residence permit. You are able to keep renewing it every 5 years, so long as you’ve still maintained the investment of yours.

In order to restore the residence permit, you’ve to supply evidence that the real estate property remains in the ownership of yours or maybe a solemn declaration by the appropriate representatives which the funding remains ongoing.
Could you Get Greece Citizenship by Investment?

Indeed, you might be a Greek citizen by generting an asset in Greece and getting a Golden Visa. Nevertheless, unlike residency, you can’t use for Greek citizenship without truly able to there and having to pay taxes. You should reside in Greece for no less than 7 years prior to becoming qualified to apply for citizenship.

Additionally, you should additionally have the ability to prove you’ve connections to the nation and understanding of the Greek culture and language, at least on a standard level.
How you can Apply for any Greece Golden Visa?

You’ve to put on for a Greek Golden Visa in the Alien and Immigration Department at the Decentralised Authority in Greece. Before that, you have to apply for an entry visa at among the Greek Consulates or Embassies abroad. An outline of the Golden Visa application process is:

Use for a Greek national visa at a Consulate or Embassy.
Enter Greece and finalize the investment of yours. It’s the choice of yours whether you choose to hire professional legitimate help with this particular step.
Gather the necessary documents for the Greek Golden Visa.
Submit the documents to the neighborhood Immigration and Alien Department.
Hang on for the visa to be digested. You’ll generally hear back about a decision within three weeks.
In case the choice is good, you’ve to go to Greece and submit the biometric info of yours.
You are going to receive a Golden Visa residence permit, which will likely be valid for 5 seasons.

What Documents have to Apply for any Greece Golden Visa?

The necessary documents when requesting a Greece Golden Visa are:

Application form.
The latest, passport size pictures of yourself. Make certain they stick to Greek passport photos requirements.
The valid passport of yours in addition to a message. The passport should add the entry visa as required.
Evidence of having paid the appropriate government fees.
Evidence of having acquired health insurance in Greece on your own and any loved ones.
Proof of the money of yours.
Extra documents based on the type of investment you are making, such as:
For buying real estate:
A contract of purchase which attests to the point that you’ll find absolutely no exemptions or problems in the investment, says the price of the investment, so the technique of payment (it have to be in total, via credit kept in an institution operating in Greece or perhaps via a credit transfer.
Evidence of transfer of the agreement by the responsible Land Registry Certificate issued by the Land Registry proving there continues to be absolutely no impediment associated with the buy.
For leasing a hotel or perhaps tourist establishment:
I) Timeshare agreement for a minimum time of 5 years which ought to say the
corresponding cost per year;
ii) Proof of transfer registration issued by the skilled Land Registry;
iii) A certificate issued by the National Tourism Organisation (EOT) that it’s been informed of the realization of the specific timeshare contract.
For purchase in a company:
Documents with information on the organization getting the investment, whether it’s proven or even being created (must consist of name, kind of legitimate entity, and share-holders)
A booklet detailing the investment project
The place of the purchase project
The finances and financing system for the investment
A timeline detailing the implementation of the investment
Predictions for the end result on the very first 5 years of purchase (feasibility study and cash flow forecast)
A document detailing the amount of jobs which will be made by the investment
A brief CV
The role of yours in the investment project Other documents requested by the appropriate authorities.

Paper guidelines:

The files you publish be translated into Greek by either the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens, Greece, and by a lawyer who’s an element associated with a Greek bar association.
The files you publish should be approved possibly by an Apostille Stamp (in case the country of yours is an element of the Hague Convention) or maybe by the closest Greek Consulate or Embassy (in case your country isn’t with the Hague Convention).

Note: Before you use for the Golden Visa, determine in case you do additionally have to put on for a Greek Schengen Visa to go into the country. This particular application is going to require a diverse range of documents, such as:

Travel medical related insurance with a minimum 30,000 € coverage within Greece and also the whole Schengen area
A cover letter saying the goal of visit to Itinerary and Greece
Flight Itinerary with dates and also flight numbers specifying exit and entry from Greece Proof of accommodation in Greece for the whole length of the stay of yours.
Evidence of adequate fiscal means for the time of stay in Greece.