Is it Compulsory to Have a Photo Driving Licence?

Paper driving licences are not given as brand new or maybe replacement steering licences after the European Union ruled that almost all driving licences needs to stay in the form of a photocard driving licence which includes a photograph of the licence holder and his or maybe the signature of her. Although the government advice is exchanging the paper licence of yours for just a photocard one, in case your paper licence hasn’t expired, it must accepted all over the EU (for example in case you have to employ an automobile).
Using For any Photocard Driving Licence

You are able to get the D1 application form at a lot of Post Office branches, or perhaps conversely it’s offered by the DVLA form ordering service (which you are able to get details of on the DVLA site). If you select the choice, you are going to need to offer proof of the identity of yours along with a driving licence photo of yourself, together with the fee of £20.00. These documents must be delivered to the DVLA address in Swansea or perhaps through the high quality checking solutions which is usually discovered at local DVLA offices and some Post Office branches.

In case you would rather Apply for the Photocard Driving Licence online, you are able to do this on the DVLA site by downloading the application form. This particular alternative requires you to have the ability paying the £20.00 fee by credit/debit card. You don’t have to send out a passport photograph in case you use online, as the DVLA utilizes the Identity and also Passport Service to do it. When this’s impossible though, you are going to need to put on by post or even in person (see the above mentioned paragraph) instead and also supply the appropriate documentation. You are going to need your passport number available throughout the application process, as this’s used as confirmation of the identity of yours.
To receive Your Photocard Driving Licence

In many instances, you need to get your photocard driving licence within approximately 3 days of the application of yours being obtained by the DVLA. If any personal or medical details have being confirmed, it is able to shoot somewhat more than this particular.

You’re permitted to get in the time before your photocard driving licence comes, so long as you’ve in the past held a UK driving licence, are ruled fit to push on healthcare grounds (you have not been refused a driving licence due to a problem and are unlikely being refused a driving licence on medical grounds when the application of yours is processed) and also have not been disqualified from driving.
Precisely why are Photo Licences Needed?

The picture was licence was launched in Britain observing an EU directive making traveling licences consistent across the European Union. It indicates your driving licence is recognised all over Europe, though it additionally has other benefits:

There’s a reduced risk of a person attempting to impersonate you with a picture licence The picture can help signify the era of the licence holder. For many kinds of vehicle this’s helpful, though it is likewise helpful as proof of ID/age
It cuts down on the risks of duplication (ie. an individual holding much more than one licence)
It can help the DVLA maintain a precise database of licence holders