Ouzoud Falls: A Complete Guide to Visiting from Marrakech

The Ouzoud Falls are among the easiest and best working day trips from Marrakech! The moment I saw a picture of them, I just knew I needed making one day serotonin to see them in individual.

Our 3 days in Marrakech fell directly in the middle of the Morocco itinerary of ours. By then I was not really looking forward to staying in another city, particularly one which was claimed to be frantic compared to Fes, Chefchaouen, plus Tangier. I additionally was not thinking about undertaking any main shopping in the medina, so I sort of needed to get rid of myself from the urge.

Cue one day trip on the Ouzoud Falls!

What exactly are the Ouzoud Falls?

The Ouzoud Falls are many waterfalls that spring with the El Abid River gorge in the province of Azilal. In French, they are known as Cascades d’Ouzoud and within Amazigh, it’s Imuzzar n wuẓuḍ.

You will find three unique drops and they add up to 110m or perhaps 360ft high. The lengthiest drop is 75m!

A component of an Ouzoud day trip is the fact that there is much more to do than seeing some amazing falls. In exactly the same day you will have the ability going swimming, perform a little hiking, and perhaps often have a monkey utilize you for a seat!

An Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip Itinerary

Here is precisely how the trip of mine to Ouzoud went!
Pick up in Marrakech

I was among the first of the group of mine picked up, therefore the driver of ours came and got us about eight am. Overall, it took around an hour to get everybody before we got on the highway.

Arrive on the roof of the Falls

Ouzoud Falls is one day trip from Marrakech, though it is always sort of far away! I anticipated it to have us three hours to make it happen, therefore I was pleasantly surprised when it had taken less. They actually do stop off at a gasoline station midway if you prefer a fast snack or in order to stretch the legs of yours.

The very first stop you are making is to the roof of the falls, wherever you find the above mentioned scenery. I was really impressed already, but actually this’s really the least intriguing view!

Hike right down to the Bottom of the Falls to the Swimming Area

Thus, before you can get started on the hike of yours, the team of yours is considering the choice of going to several Berber villages or perhaps camping down to a swimming area separate from the falls. At this stage in the travels of mine, I am not a person to pleasantly be silent while everybody tries to determine who must speak up, therefore I quickly said the swimming hole. Absolutely no one else felt strongly in either case, plus a number of others chimed in on swimming, therefore we started the hike of ours down!

It is not really a steep hike, though it can get sort of rocky in several places, therefore you will want to use hiking sandals or tennis shoes at the minimum. I’d on the white tennis shoes of mine but possibly would’ve preferred wearing authentic sneakers.

30-40 minutes for swimming

It is weird since I essentially were raised in pools though I generally forget just how much I like being in the bath! This particular swimming hole is far from the key falls area, therefore it was only the group of ours. The majority of people strung out under the pavilion and also obtained a number of drinks, but a number of us hopped in to swim. Many people jumped from the cliffs, though I easily discovered the suit top of mine wasn’t healthy for that haha.

Believe in me, the swim was much more than welcome after the high temperature which hike down!

Go Over on the Main Falls Area

After swimming, Ibrahim rounded us up to look at the the primary Ouzoud falls area. Today this’s where you are likely to get the greatest views.

Have a boat, swim, and stroll across

We essentially had to cross over to the various other aspect, and you can find 3 options:

Walking across this small bridge
Going swimming over
Paying twenty MAD (two dolars USD) for one of those fun boats

Go up to the original view point

The moment everybody had crossed over, we started the trek back up. This side is drastically easier as it’s different landings and all stairs to hangout rather than just dirt. The very first view point of ours was very lovely and gets you really around the falls through the side.

Climb as much as a view issue with monkeys

The following view point is exactly where you will see that several monkeys hanging out! They reminded me of the monkeys which be around the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur except possibly both cheekier and gentler. They’d no problem hopping onto individuals in case you are holding food, though they are not as grabby or even intense as the KL styles. You are able to tell they are very accustomed to visitors but additionally do whatever they want whenever they want, how they need.

In case you walk a bit of past the spot all of the monkeys often gather, there is an additional view point which provides you with some spectacular sights of the gorge itself. Perhaps not the very best point for anyone scared of heights though!