Taxi Information From Istanbul Airport to the City Center

Yellow-colored taxi is among the 3 types of taxis you are able to buy at the IST Airport

Have a taxi from Istanbul Airport to the community facility in case you want convenience and finances aren’t a problem. A taxi from Istanbul Airport to community facility (Taksi or Sultanahmet) costs aproximatelly ~200 Turkish Liras under perfect circumstances (at the time of writing).

During rush hour, Istanbul is noted for its terrible traffic. In case you’re caught in traffic in Istanbul, the metered taxis might get up the fare of your journey.

There’s a possibility that your taxi driver is going to try to defraud you by taking an extended route than needed. Whenever we had taken a taxi in Istanbul, there is something which occurred to us.

A taxi is an alternative in case you’re traveling with a team of people.

There are 3 varieties of Istanbul airport taxi transfers you are able to buy on in the airport: the magnificent black “E type” taxis, the better blue “D type” taxis as well as the first orange “C type” taxis.

Blue taxis ask for fifteen % much more than regular taxis, while “C” taxis impose frequent fares. Black taxis are seventy percent more costly compared to orange taxis.

A taxi takes aproximatelly one hour to get to city facility from IST Airport.

How you can Get From Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) to City Center

Where’s The Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) Located?

SAW Airport in regard to the community center of Istanbul (Click for additional details)

The Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) is situated on the Asia aspect of Istanbul found Pendik, aproximatelly thirty two km (twenty miles) southeast of the community center. The SAW Airport was the largest airport of Istanbul till the opening of the Istanbul Airport in 2018).

It hosts a lot of overseas flights but from our expertise, it is likely to be prominent for household travel than IST Airport.

Public Transportation From Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) to City Center

As a mature airport of Istanbul, lots of public transportation alternatives connect SAW Airport together with the city center. Much like public transportation from IST Airport, the initial step is having your Isntabulkart.

There’s an Istanbulkart in the SAW Airport.

It’s simple to pick up an Istanbulkart in the SAW Airport in Istanbul. When you exit the arrivals hall, walk straight ahead until you get to the bus departing station. Because of the number of buses which will be there, it’ll be very easy to tell.

You are able to get your own private Istanbulkart by utilizing 1 of the Istanbulkart vending devices. Next finish it off with which public transportation you’ll be taking. At the moment of writing, an Istanbulkart costs ten Turkish Lira.

You are able to get some good neighborhood currency in the arrivals hall of SAW Airport and purchase your Istanbulkart in the ATMs.