Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Italy

I was nervous about traveling in a nation that is notorious for the aggressive drivers of its. Everybody told me never to lease an automobile in Italy, but as I was visiting little towns in the Alps, I knew there was not one other way. I rented an automobile in Milan and drove off.

I am very happy I rented an automobile, as it ended up to be simpler than I thought, and in the opinion of mine, the stereotype of Italian motorists is certainly exaggerated.

I’ve traveled to Italy several times as well as lived in Italy for a season. When I lived in Italy I often rented an automobile from various providers since I did not have a car. Allow me to share some basic items to learn about renting an automobile in Italy to make the experience of yours painless and handy.
Leasing an automobile in Italy

  1. Can it be a wise decision to Rent a vehicle in Italy?

Leasing an automobile someplace in the planet includes a little bit of danger, but so does getting on a railroad. You should not be discouraged from renting an automobile just since it is a different country.

If you are using trains (as great as they’re in Italy) the schedule of yours is dictated for you and often times it causes stress. Additionally, many Regionale type trains lack AC that throughout the summer months is a headache.

While leasing an automobile is even or necessaryn’t suggestions in case you are just seeing big tourists city (you cannot even take the rental car of yours into old town Florence, and also getting an automobile in Rome is an extremely bad idea not only due to traffic but additionally because numerous major attractions are just accessible by foot anyway), in case you would like to find a little off of the road areas in the countryside it is a necessity.

Several highways are certainly much more narrow compared to anyone in the US, when you pass other drivers simply take care.

Bear in mind that theft from rental automobiles is a persistent issue in southern Italy, particularly Sicily. You are safer parking the automobile of yours with an attendant than on the edge of the road. Do not leave valuables inside.

  1. Car Rental Insurance in Italy

Unlike in a number of other European countries, basic CDW automobile rental insurance is necessary in Italy. You’re legally required to get the coverage while driving a rental automobile in Italy, and the rental companies will not let the car of theirs away from the chips until they’re certain you are closed.

When you are considering using insurance from the charge card company of yours, you’ll be required to sign a waiver stating you will have such insurance on the card of yours and you are responsible to cover everything upfront and afterward you are able to get it also within your credit card company.

IMPORTANT: Just about all charge card companies do not provide automobile rental insurance in Italy! Do not lie you’ve insurance with the card of yours whenever you do not, like something occurs you will stay in big trouble.

Including CDW and also theft insurance in a prepaid automobile rental price whenever you reserve the car of yours is practically constantly significantly less than booking a simple automobile rate in advance and opting in for insurance in the pickup desk. Read more at

You are going to read online which automobile insurance is less expensive in case you book with Auto Europe. I never utilized them myself after looking at many reviews, I realize they are staying away from paying insurance excess based on TripAdvisor.

  1. Renting an automobile in Italy: Manual vs Automatic

The best part is Italy is among the least expensive places in Western Europe to lease an automatic automobile. Many automobiles in Europe are manual, so only if you specify on the reservation of yours that you would like an instant automobile you’ll be offered a manual.

While I constantly rent an automatic automobile, it is convenient to lease an automobile which has an alternative of both transmissions in case you are traveling in winter months. It is less complicated to escape the ice with a manual transmission.

  1. How Old Do You’ve To Be Renting a vehicle In Italy?

The legal driving age in Italy is eighteen years of age, though you have to get the license of yours for no less than a season. Most automobile rental companies are going to charge you an additional fee in case you are a young driver under twenty five.

Insurance companies establish a maximum age for automobile rental. Generally, the cut off is seventy or maybe seventy five years of age based on the provider.