Trekking Mount Toubkal

Trekking Mount Toubkal in Morocco may be the best method to dip the toe of yours into adventure travel. We’ve a selection of Toubkal trek 4 days tours, which makes it truly accessible for trekking enthusiasts.

Probably The highest mountain in North Africa, it appears 4167m high and can reward adventurers with expansive views of the High Atlas Mountains and countryside Morocco. As you meander through the Ait Mizane Valley, you are going to pass wildlife and waterfalls as you get towards the summit. Although the road could be rocky underfoot at times, this is not really a technical climb and also anyone with a great fitness level is able to undertake the task.

Because this particular trek is pretty light, it is ideal for merging with an extended trip to Morocco, consuming Marrakech, Chefchaouen and also Fes, or maybe an extended route through North Africa. This trek is additionally different as you are going to be ready to experience incredible Moroccon hospitality, cuisine and culture throughout the stay of yours. From the riads plus guest houses to meals that are scrumptious freshly prepared – its these additional experiences which will make the adventure more outstanding.
When to go?

You are able to trek at nearly all times during the entire year, but for probably the most comfy experience, we would recommend Autumn – September to Spring or November – March to May. You are going to benefit from milder problems, particularly at night and also less chance of snowfall.

Not for the fainthearted, but trekking in Winter could be an extremely distinctive experience, as you navigate ice and ice, and extremely chilly nights! Maybe not one for novices though!

Ramadan might create trouble for purchasing drink and food in smaller cities and villages but should not be an issue in bigger towns. Eid al Adha is yet another Islamic festival which may be an excellent cultural experience and insight into Moroccan tradition.

Am I Fit Enough?

You’ll certainly have a higher fitness level to undertake this challenge, though you do not have to become a trekking pro. We would suggest training with long hikes and hikes in the ones you intend on wearing and also hitting the gym to focus on the overall health levels of yours.

Altitude sickness has absolutely nothing to do with experience, physical fitness levels or maybe age and will impact everyone differently. The tour leaders are really experienced and can be trained in exactly how to cope with this.
Just how much Do I Walk?

The distance covered daily varies based on the surface and altitude. On average you will walk approximately 4-6 hours every day with plenty of stops if required.

Summit day is going to give you probably the most stunning views out more than the Atlas Mountains and beyond, in case you’re fortunate, you’ll show up for sunrise and we guarantee the first beginning is going to be worthwhile!

We’ve trips which run from 2 to 5 times, defending on the itinerary so it is generally a wise decision to talk with among the teams and they are able to help locate the ideal choice for you personally.